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Historic Preservation

Revitalizing the Edgar A. Long Building

Christiansburg Institute Inc. aims to preserve the remaining facilities and archives of Christiansburg Industrial Institute and to enact the legacy of the former school through serving the multi-cultural needs of today's New River Valley.

We envision CII as a catalyst for community dialogue, public forums, and multi-cultural events, as the New River Valley encounters a future that is radically changing from its past.

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Preserving Edgar A. Long's Legacy

The Edgar A. Long building, named after Principal Edgar A. Long, was built in 1927 and is the last remaining structure from the original 185-acre Christiansburg Institute campus . It features 3 full floors with over 9,000  square feet of usable space. We envision a restored and operational Edgar A. Long building functioning as a flexible community gathering space and dynamic inter-generational learning center, serving the diverse communities across the New River Valley. Christiansburg Institute Inc (CI Inc) is currently engaged in the process of raising capital funds to preserve and restore the historic Edgar A. Long building.

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Christiansburg Institute Museum and Archives

Utilizing innovations in digital technologies, the Long building will include a multi-platform museum exhibit showcasing Christiansburg Institute's material and cultural history, and, more broadly, African American history throughout the South. The multi-platform museum will create a dynamic and immersive learning experience; interactive touch screen learning modules, augmented reality applications designed to take you on a virtual tour of the former 185 acre Christiansburg Institute campus, and display cases containing artifacts from the former school

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Community Learning Center

The Christiansburg Institute Community Learning Center will be an exploratory and participatory learning space designed to facilitate collective learning and popular education.

It will hold programs such as:

--Youth empowerment programs

--Leader ship training workshops

--Civic engagement and community-based        outreach

--Cultural production and art incubator

--Adult and Young Adult training

In a Meeting

Gathering and Meeting Space

The Edgar A. Long building will serve as community gathering and meeting space for community members, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and faith communities. With over 9,000 square ft. of useable space, the Long building will feature dedicated meeting, office, and artist space.