Christiansburg Institute, Inc.

Local black history education for social justice

As a bold Virginian 501(c)3 organization, we are...

Constructing our Learning Center

We are fundraising to restore the historic Edgar A. Long building. This imminent Learning Center will bring the people to CI’s living history, expand CI museum capacity, offer non-profit office space to encourage intersectional advocacy projects and bolster black-led initiatives with conference spaces and meeting rooms.

Delivering Programs for Social Justice

We craft socially conscious programming in CI’s historic spaces, libraries, elementary schools and community spaces all over New River Valley.

Housing CI History

We develop CI archives and curate the Smokehouse Museum where local black history around the Christiansburg Institute is elevated and valued.


Chris Sanchez

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Robert H. Leonard


Evelyn K. Young


Debbie Sherman Lee


Latanya Walker

N.L. Bishop

Jessie Evans

Fred Thomas

Mary Schnitzer

Volunteer Staff

Jocelyn Hildebrand

Program Assistant

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