Christiansburg Institute Museum and Archives

Preserving the material culture and historic artifacts of Christiansburg Industrial Institute

The mission of the archives is to preserve and promote the legacy and material history of Christiansburg Industrial Institute and the greater African American history in Southwestern Virginia.

The Christiansburg Institute Archives are located in the Christiansburg Institute Inc. offices at 125 Arrowhead Trail in Christiansburg, VA.

CIMA holds letters, diaries, photos, and other material (digital or paper) that communicate vital and unique information about C.I.I.’s   and pay witness to the history of black struggle and triumph throughout Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and desegregation.

Our mission is to ensure these materials will be preserved and accessible to researchers for generations to come. Once your papers are accepted as part of the  archives, the material will be housed in our environmentally- controlled and secure office where staff will oversee their proper storage and use. Collections will be accessible to you, your family, the public, and researchers such as students, professors, genealogists, and journalists so we can tell a more complete history of education and African American life in Southwestern Virginia.