Christiansburg Institute Inc.

Founded in 1996 and created by the Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association, the Christiansburg Institute, Inc. (CII), preserves the remaining facilities and archives of Christiansburg Industrial Institute, and enacts the legacy of the former school by serving the multi-cultural needs of today’s New River Valley. CII is becoming a catalyst for community dialogue, public forums, and multi-cultural events, as the New River Valley encounters a future that is radically changing from its past. CII recognizes the important role African American communities and other racial and ethnic communities throughout the region play in the cultural life and leadership of the Valley, and how the legacy of this school can nurture and provide.

Board of Directors

Debbie Sherman-Lee, '70, Chair

Marcy Schnitzer, Vice-Chair

and Treasurer

Gladys Sokolow, '53

Christopher Sanchez

NL Bishop, descendant, '45/'65

Rita Irvin, '68

Pat Jones, '68

Kathryn King, descendant, '43

Joseph Snell, descendant, '38

Latanya Walker, descendant, '66

Jessie Eaves, '65

Casey Jenkins

Christine King, descendant, '45

Yunina Payne

Fred Thomas, '44

Ray Williams


Chris Sanchez, Executive Director

Jenny Nehrt,

Public Historian


Asia Smith,

Historical Programs

LaShania Clinedinst, Educational Programs

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