Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association

The Christiansburg Institute rebirth began in 1976 when 700 alumni met to preserve their alma mater, closed in 1966 by local educational policy in the face of desegregation. Today, the Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association (CIAA) is a national, non-profit membership organization of more than 1300 alumni and friends with chapters across the US and a quarterly newsletter. In 1996 the CIAA launched an effort to reopen the Christiansburg Institute according to a fourfold plan to preserve, exhibit, educate and build community through the development of an archive, museum and learning center.

CIAA Board of Directors

President, Kathryn King

Recording Secretary, Alexis Johnson

Class of 65'

1st Vice President, Jessie Eaves
Class of 65'

Corresponding Secretary, Patricia Wright Class of '66

2nd Vice President, William Calloway

Class of 65'

Treasurer, Gladys Sokolow

Class of '53

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